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between the headlines: susheel schroeder | photography

That Which Goes Unsaid Unravels addresses the maternal mental health crisis in the UK and questions the role of visibility and representation in reducing the stigma attached to perinatal mental health conditions.

That Which Goes Unsaid Unravels will be exhibited this Friday, 25th February at Black Swan Studios as part of the Between the Headlines art showcase in London.

You can find more information on the event and tickets here.

The result is the creation of a collaborative embroidered portrait series, through which 10 of the women behind national statistics are visualised and identified, with the view to improving our understanding of the uniqueness of every perinatal mental health experience.

Susheel Schroeder is a British portrait and documentary photographer, living and working in London.

In her documentary work, Susheel focuses on themes of identity and has an ongoing body of work visualising matrescence, the mental and physical transition from womanhood to motherhood. An advocate for maternal health and mental well-being, her work addresses varied but connected subjects including postpartum rituals across cultures, birth trauma, maternal mental health and the evolving role of motherhood in contemporary society.

For clients, Susheel creates intimate and considered portraits, with rich tones and a cinematic aesthetic. The candid nature of her work produces contemporary portraits of motherhood and family life, capturing subjects with honesty and warmth. Her work has been published in GQ, The Telegraph, Whitewall Magazine and others.

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