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an evolution of the bedroom: of my own | photography

The pandemic forced us all into our private spaces for so long that I inevitably began to contemplate what my bedroom meant to me as a young woman. I concluded that rooms are an extension of our being. Within the intimate environment of the bedroom, one’s truest personality shines bright: it’s a space for expression, freedom, enthusiasm, creativity, reflection.

“Of My Own” is, ultimately, a reflection on women’s safe spaces. Through a visual investigation of sorts, I seek to understand whether there is a distinctive connection between one’s external appearance and their private space. Portraying women of different ages and from differing backgrounds, my attempt is to explore the evolution of the bedroom as girls mature into women.

Sara Romanin Jacur is an Italian documentary photographer based in London. Her work touches on a variety of issues but recently has been focusing on gender issues and the female gaze.

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