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streets – lfw

March 27, 2019


Valentine’s Day 2019, London Fashion Week begins. 

Humans, all dressed in their best, most extravagant outfits are taking over Central London. 

Their naturally unapologetic attitude is what the lens focused on. 


Just like each seasons, catwalks also take place in the streets. 

One of the go-to spots to enjoy the show? 180 Strand. 

From morning till evening, waves of humans strike a pose. 


Whilst wandering the pavements, cigars and suits, couples with matching outfits and items of clothings with slogans written across them, were observed. 

Whilst waiting for a show to end, the entertainment began unexpectedly. 

A group of friends arrived and took the performance on the side of the road. 


Two models, one female, one male. Both of their outfits were the painter’s canvas. 

Her black leather jacket and his soft pink sweater were decorated as the commotion around them began.








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