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interview: duendita

January 3, 2019



“‘direct line to My Creator’ is a sweet, existential reflection on the inevitable” 

- duendita. 



Queens-bred artist, duendita, is one of our recently found gems which brought us the warmth our current winter days needed. Her six-tracks EP titled ‘direct line to My Creator’ features the artist’s soft vocals on simply yet beautifully well-composed melodies. 


Her music accompanied by impressive nuances in her voice is one of the reasons you should let her universe sing to you. Her track titled ‘Thunder’ allows you to discover her fresh style. The singer subtly explored a more soulful side to perform her lyrics on a mellow, jazzy jam session. She’s definitely bringing us the New York City vibes to London. 


But duendita’s music will also bring you an unusual feeling of familiarity. This being another reason for us to invite you to listen to the entirety of her project. You’ll definitely find one track, one lyric or one chord which will cause a slight pinching in your heart. This can be on the subject of love, loss and so many more subjects which the singer explores. 


The music speaks for itself but for some tracks, the music video will add another layer of understanding. This is the case of ‘Blue Hands’, her two-minutes long song. The subject matter of the song is illustrated in a video probably filmed on an old camera. It features duendita singing the words while she sits amongst a group of black women looking up towards the lens with such a powerfully striking stare. In two minutes, the video starts with a close-up on the singer’s face and gradually reveals the small white room where the group of ladies are laying down together, all dressed in pink in a small white room.


If our feelings for duendita’s new musical project haven’t persuaded you to discover it yet, the singer answered some of our questions which might raise your curiosity. 




How would you describe your style to someone who doesn’t know you?


My style is grandma, viejita (meaning grandma in Spanish) looks :)



Do you remember a specific anecdote in your life when you realised music was what you were going to pursue in your life? 


Not really, I am still dealing with it and looking at what more I can pursue in life.



How did your journey into music start? 


I’ve always sang, since I was a child. I studied choral music at an early age and started writing my own songs in middle school. I first played guitar and wrote such funny, quirky… serious songs. 



What inspires your in your work and in life? 


Creation, nature… I am inspired by the fact that I didn’t ask to be here. I’m experiencing something… i’m not sure what it’s in the name of but, whoever made this place was creative, lovely and thoughtful. 



Could you describe your musical process? 


My songs come as a surprise. I wish I could explain it more carefully, but as soon as I have an idea, I begin to follow it, with haste, until we arrive somewhere. 



What’s the story behind your new EP 'direct line to My Creator’? 


‘direct line to my Creator’ is a collection of music recorded over the past two years. It is a melancholic experience and reflection. 



Can you tell me about some of the subjects you explore in your songs in the EP? 


Police brutality, dating, misogyny, community, access, feeling an absence from God … death, transcendence and taking care of the Earth.



How do you want listeners to feel after they listen to your songs?


Free and able to feel whatever it is they want to feel. 



What would you like to achieve in your career and/or your life? 


Peace of mind, health in my body and mind.



Last question: how would you define ‘unsettled’?


unsettled reminds me of a stomach ache, something unresolved.




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