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Review: ¿Téo?

October 15, 2018


If you’re either planning for a short road trip, or a just looking forward to a cozy Sunday morning inside the covers, make sure you include ¿Téo?’s (AKA: Mateo Arias) latest album in your playlist. A combination of alternative vibes and latino roots, his songs bring music to a level your ears never explored before. The succession of short songs accompanied of a very soft voice brings out the personal and raw side of his self-title album. And his art will not only touch your hearing sense, but also the sight.


Either lost in the woods or afloat at shores of estranged beaches, ¿Téo? represents a compelling connection with nature in all his music videos. Coastal waves embracing his bare skin, running barefoot through wild fields, staring at purple skies, elements of mania, paranormal, rebirth are all strong visuals which melancholically capture your attention and draw you to a state of peace throughout each song.


The American-Colombian artist started his career path alongside his brother, former Hannah Montana star, Moises Arias - AKA: RRRICO! - and Jaden Smith, who all founded the creative collective, MSFTSrep.


Our picks:

* More to us - the song you’d either listen to for those slow-mo road trip videos or on the beach

* Part of me - the song to dedicate to someone special

* Belong in the sun’ - the song to dance to while cooking dinner

* Uno Dos - the song to walk to around sun-kissed London streets


Listen to ¿Téo?’s album here.



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