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I like to think of my life in phases.
A phase is a distinct period or stage in a process of change or forming part of something’s development and we as humans are constantly developing. A phase to me is temporary, individual to the person but also life changing. Particular things happen at certain moments in your life to teach you a lesson, or for you to gain experience on a situation, which may inform future decisions. However, everyone experiences phases differently depending on your character and the type of phase you’re going through. is is my experience of phases so far.





is was from the moment I was born up until year 11 - when I was 16. I made multiple mistakes, fell into peer pressure numerous times and followed the crowd so that everyone would like me. I was unsure of who I was among people and my mother was worried too. I remember countless times her telling me ‘to not always follow what my friends were doing’ and to think for myself. But to be honest I didn’t know how to think for myself. I just seemed to adapt to what everyone else was doing and didn’t try to explore my thoughts and feelings in fear that I’d get left behind. School was such an influential but also, judgmental place meaning that forming friendships and not being the odd one out was crucial. At this point, I had no real sense of my own identity.





is was my whole sixth form experience. is is when I started to focus on my own ambitions, reconnect with lost friends and start to think for myself. e phase where I wanted to experiment. During this time, I seemed to find the people I connected with most. People who supported my extra-curricular activities and ambitions as well as managing to make me laugh every day and feel comfortable around. ey were all as equally creative as me but in different ways. Whether they were going into the world of law or ne art, they seemed to bring out the best in me and make me want to be the best version of myself whether it was through styling choices, attitude to life or determination.




and now,

e phase where I become my true self. I socialise more, focus on doing what I love and becoming an adult. e phase where I still have fun everyday but can also be responsible and look a er myself. is is simply just a prediction. I can’t tell you exactly what happens in Phase III as I haven’t completed it yet. However, I do know that Phase III is an important stage. A lot of decisions I make during this time will affect my later life. ere’s no way of knowing who I’ll meet and what bad decisions I’ll make, but I do know that Phase III will bring me so much joy and excitement. e number of phases I will have in my lifetime is unknown. I personally believe that phases are endless. What I’m going through now may seem like ten different phases in ten years’ time. Right now, is the time for focusing, being productive and enjoying. Phases come and go but the experiences you learn from them last a lifetime and I can’t help but wonder, ‘what is Phase IV going to be like’.

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