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Being an average person: party life


There are three important things which make up our lives: sleep, work and social life and most of the time is it hard to find a balance between them. When it comes to having a stable social life, there is always a part which includes party life and going out.


When you are going out, you can always distinguish between different types of people: first, the party girl/guy, who seems to always be out and, has no limit whatsoever when it comes to drinking, dancing or being awake 3 days in a row. en, the opposite one, who seems to prefer staying at home in their pyjamas watching Netflix all night. But, when you are an average person you don’t fit in any of those descriptions. You like but don’t love going out and that is the problem, you are torn between the envy of going out and having fun with your friends or the sweet appeal of your bed. You are a bit of both, you want your party life but you are never the life of the party.


The most common reason is known as FOMO: fear of missing out. And average or not, we all suffer from it once in a while. But the question is: why are we afraid of missing out and most importantly what will we miss? The night of our lives? Our plan to conquer our secret crush from last Friday night? Or just simply waking up with a hangover (which we will regret in the end anyway).


The nights out that we experience during our lives can be memorable and unforgettable. Every experience we’re having should be for us, and no one else. It is hard to be in control of what we really want - are we pleasing someone or are we pleasing ourselves? Where is the balance between that? Let’s find out around a glass or 2 of red wine, shall we?

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