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Sofia Palm


Sofia Palm greets me warmly into her cosy apartment filled with vibrant green plants, anthropology books, and her guitar. Sofia, originally from Sweden, is a full-time student at SOAS in London, but she has been passionate about singing since the age of two and hasn’t stopped. Her style is inspired by the old American and new Swedish folk movements, but she hesitates to define herself as she believes that “each artist has their own twist on their genre”. Sofia has no set process as she likes to let the melodies and lyrics blossom organically and spontaneously. On juggling music, and studying, and social life her policy is to “keep the energy flowing in everything you do, remember why you’re doing it and keep it positive.”  



What’s it like performing in public?  

It’s always a bit nerve-wracking performing in public but it’s also a very exciting and stimulating experience. It brings your art to life in a new way when you can share them with other people and play off their reaction, especially in a more intimate setting which is the best way to perform songs. You can feel very exposed, because songs are very personal, but with an intimate audience you feel safe. You feel true to yourself, because you feel understood in an honest way. Sharing your creation is so important for yourself.  


Do you have a certain image you wish to portray? 

I wouldn’t say I have sculpted an image consciously. The art is an extension of me and that’d be the image. Honest music honest image.  


How do you feel about the internet in the music business?  

That’s an interesting question. It’s obviously had a massive impact on the music industry for better and for worse. No doubt about it, I would say it has created an incredible platform for people to share, collaborate, and interact with other people’s music. There’s inspiration everywhere, there is so much accessibility. It has benefited the grass-root musicians. It has provided a voice for musicians starting from scratch.  



What are you working on right now?  

I have just finished working on my first EP that will be released early June. I’ve recorded four songs with an amazing producer from Sweden, we recorded it in Gothenburg. It will be on Sound Cloud and Spotify and I’ll be sharing it on Instagram and Facebook.  


What are the four songs about? 

They are based around the themes of growing up, letting go of a perception of reality that we once had growing up and trying to hold onto the beauty of youth and the innocence of seeing the world as being a great place whilst conflicting with changes. One song, ‘Johnny’, I wrote about my younger brother, and having the pleasure of seeing him grow up and keeping myself rooted in what it’s like to have this youthful experience of the world through the eyes of a child and innocence. It’s very easily lost with people, but through art it’s great to reconnect with that.  


I ask her to play a song. She starts strumming her guitar and croons her latest song, ‘Johnny’ which adds another depth to the room as the melodies envelop the apartment in the sweet innocence of youth.  




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