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Being an average person | Part 2: Love life

We are always after something, money, skills, happiness, fame? But also love.

We can find it in so many different ways, in a person, in ourselves, in something.


But when it comes to love and you feel average, it’s never easy; friend zone? One way love? Second choice? We’ve all been there, one way or the other. 


It is always hard when we have a ‘thing’ with someone and it doesn’t feel right. It seems like a trend in the dating world nowadays, we aren’t honest with what we’re looking for in a relationship. The real answer to this kind of love/relationship is to let go and accept that it’s not going to work out. There’s going to be enough average things in your life. Love shouldn’t be one of them. All your friends are probably fulfilled in their relationship, and you are basically wandering around.


You end up trying with someone new (again), swapping right on tinder or hunting in the clubs; although you clearly said to yourself you don’t need that in your life (but as always, you keep failing). You start catching feelings and it feels like an impression of déjà vu. 


You tend to think it might go well, although it won’t last, because considering your luck, it never really lasts. 


It shouldn’t be about the other person. It should be about you and how you love yourself. You can think that it sounds very very cliché to say that, but it’s true. You should love yourself first, average or not! 


Once you have started your journey of self acceptance, you won’t need someone else telling you how good you are to feel great inside. Afterwards you can start again  thinking  about finding your other half, but please don’t go for that person who makes you feel ‘average’. 


Maintaining an ounce of normal life is hard enough so let’s not talk about a love life. Everything is about balance, timing and in a way momentum. It enables you to have the ability to start thinking clearly, see that your goals are reachable and it gives you a sense of purpose, power and direction. 


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