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Being an average person | Part 1: Daily Life

Shane Koyczan said “To discover the thing you’re brilliant at you first have to endure realising all the things you’re average at.” But what if you can’t find it? 


The world is filled with two types of people: successful people and average people. Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you try you are never able to succeed completely? You were never known as “that person.” As in: you were never “the funny one,” or “the smart one,” or “the pretty one.” You never had any one defining characteristic. You just kind of… are. This is what it fell like to be an average person, it’s not the nicest feeling you can have in your life. It feels more like a disadvantage, something that stick to you like glue. 


There are many different ways of being classified as someone “average”. People can judge you on many things: your physical appearance and think you’re average, or average in your knowledge and your skills. But even though these people are average in some ways there is always something special about them, intelligence, good looks, athletic, cultivated…


You are trying to find that little something that makes you special in your own way, but you can’t find it. You feel like it’s a personal affair, you VS life. Whatever you want to achieve there’s nothing you can do to make it “perfect”. You are well aware that perfection doesn’t exist or that there is always going to be someone better than you.


 You feel like it is a burden that you have to carry in your daily life, and it becomes a quest to “discover the thing you’re brilliant at”. Comparing yourself to everyone again and again. 


Well what can you say ? Maybe being average is a special skill after all, the most important thing is to respect yourself and also to give you the change to achieve things. By setting no boundaries to what you are capable of doing, you will only improve, change and become better as a individual.



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