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with god herself | photography

With model @god.herself.

Shot + edited @ubercapitalistdeathtrade / daniella.oc.archive

Styling @xwendythuo

Hair + Makeup @god.herself

Production + Direction @ubercapitalistdeathtrade @lunasroom_

As the U.K. lockdown eases, and the government along with the rest of the country is on a pandemic summer holiday, as a photographer I’ve gone back to the basics with this shoot. Unlike my usual concept-ridden works, this new series takes elements from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Yellow Stockings. The setting is reminiscent of my time spent at home, finding outfits and activities to pass the time in a quarantine with no end in sight. Together with God Herself (@god.herself), stylist @xwendythuo, on location with @lunasroom_ we bring you this pandemic-set photographic rendition of Shakespearean drama in the midst of modern day mundanity.

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