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where do we fit in?: amna hussain | photography

Unsettled is eager to present Hussain's 'Biradari - Where Do We Fit In?'


‘Biradari’ meaning ‘community’ is about the lower caste in Pakistan - specifically related to the help that work in my family back home. In Pakistan, the caste system is rarely spoken about, there’s not much written about it or talks of it when it involves the lower castes. There is an invisible hierarchy in place.

This project explores the help, looking into their homes and lives. A lot of the adults put their children forward. Their dreams and aspirations are now lived through their children. These photos, however, demonstrate how the caste system does not make a difference when you’re a child.

These photographs show a mix of her family and the local community.

Amna Hussain is a British Pakistani documentary photographer whose interests revolve around identity, the 1947 partition and seeing the ways of life in Pakistan.

Hussain, thank you for such beautiful imagery.


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