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UNSETTLED: best of week | playlist

“Goddess is essentially an account of failed romantic ventures. Each verse starts off all optimistic, nice, exciting and what not but it always seems to come to an end. Its a little happy but mostly sad which I feel the production lends to very well (hold tight kimbokun!). The hook comes back in to remind you that I am naught but a hopeless romantic and there is a strong chance imma repeat the whole process all over again.”

“I go by prettyboyface aka Face aka the Handsome Man to Ever Get a Degree in Latin&Greek. I don’t feel like I fit into a particular genre but for simplicity’s sake lets go with “underground rap”. I’ve loved music since I was little. Its always made me feel something even when I was too young to understand what it was. I knew few people who made beats and a few years ago I found myself very naturally writing lil raps and songs here and there and eventually decided to start putting tracks out. I make songs because I’m not sure if there’s anything I enjoy more but also in hopes that I’m making music that’ll make you feel something.”

You can find Goddess by @prettyb0yface on streaming services everywhere, including our Best Of Week Playlist by @tallulahsyron , linked in our bio.

It features music from @daisyclarkmusic, @catchingcairo, @24kgoldn, @renaomusic, @areejnoell + more!

Visuals for the Goddess are coming soon, in the meantime, some BTS pics above taken by @ezi.dani

Single artwork by @grndhighwitch

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