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to cut the feet, to fit the shoes | photography

Based in London, Haohui Liu is a photographer and visual artist from Fuzhou, China. His work documents and discusses surveillance capitalism and the impact of commodity fetishism, consumerism and globalisation on the mental and physical behaviour of people.


to cut the feet, to fit the shoes” is a participatory photography/collage project documenting the appearance anxiety within the Chinese young people.

The phrase "to cut the feet, to fit the shoes” comes from a Chinese idiom, which literally means the unprincipled accommodation of existing conditions. The project originates from my summer part-time job as a portrait photographer, which is to take portraitures for Chinese people living in London. To my astonishment, all of my clients asked me to cast strong after effects (cutting small their faces, making the body slimmer, smoothing the skin, etc.) to their photos. My clients reached me via Chinese social media and the purpose of the photos is to post on social media. This process of post processing the portraits, as well as the extreme commands they asked to photoshop their photos into someone completely different, inspired me to start this project.

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