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Tianna & LP perform at the Eventim Apollo | music

On the 13th of June, the Eventim Apollo welcomed thousands of fans under its roof before welcoming the talented LP on its stage. Warming up the amps was the wonderful Tianna Esperanza, who we’ve been luckily enough to profile here over on Unsettled, and I finally got the chance to see her perform the songs we’ve previously talked about as well as some new ones.

The thing about Tianna is that she doesn’t perform as expected for someone who is just 21 years old. Her charm is that she talks in a very sweet cadence, but will sing powerfully enough to fill a grand hall like the Eventim Apollo with ease, and it suits her. She is also very early into her career, with just a few tracks available to stream on Spotify right now.

Upon profiling her in May of this year, she had recently just released Lewis, a track that puts her writing skills and storytelling at the forefront. But she had pre-empted that what was coming next would lean into newer themes and genres, and that it might not be sonically similar to what we had already heard; ”I could say that there may be themes of punk coming on these next few songs, but we'll leave it at that.”

What followed was the tracks Terror in April and Princess Slit and the Raincoat Prince in June (a sweet but subtle nod to her own grandmother who is a legendary punk artist herself!) Alongside the release Lewis, Tianna shows her range and when she performs she translates it to the audience effortlessly.

By the time LP took to the stage, Tianna was able to capture an audience that may not have previously known her or her music with her performance.

LP herself soon came on to greet the crowd and performed a varied set of new tracks and some old favourites. LP’s discography is an incredible feat, with work spanning back to 2001 as well as having the talents to lend her words to other artists like The Backstreet Boys and Rihanna. But as a solo artist she leans towards an alternative rock sound and her audience are locked in from start to finish, which is unsurprising as she has been streamed over half a billion times on one track listing alone.

Not only did Tianna get the LP seal of approval when the night was coming to an end, but she got mine as well as many others in the crowd that night.

Terror and Princess Slit and the Raincoat Prince are available to stream now.

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