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sydney's PLANET makes a return to London | music

photographed live at The Garage by Vee Pandey

Fans of the Australian band PLANET have been holding onto their tickets for some time now, pre-pandemic in fact. Luckily this time around, the group have a brand new album to add into the mix/ setlist. Performing at The Garage in Islington, they played tunes from their recent release, Information Overload as well as some old favourites, something the dedicated crowd were all here for as they knew every lyric of every tune that came their way.

The indie group lean into the alternative rock-pop sound, and when performing, both guitar and vocal melodies take centre stage. Despite being a group from Sydney, Australia, their music is very British-esque to my ear. But it’s a comparison that has been made before and is all too familiar to the Aussie group. Most notably the energy is made even more British by watching a crowd of Brits drinking beer from plastic cups as they finally get to watch and listen to the band perform. It's made their return to London all the more sweet and memorable as fans are finally able to see the band perform live but also in a post pandemic climate where mosh pits and close proximity dancing is if not normalised, highly encouraged.

photographed live at The Garage by Vee Pandey

Made up of four members; Matty Took, Tommy Peppitt, Jimmy Weaver and Harry Stewart-Weeks, the band were super focused as they performed their tracks, just humbled and excited that people still held onto their tickets despite all of the Covid rescheduling. Sipping their beer and switching out guitars, they’re clearly comfortable and at home on stage, making the show feel natural to any onlooker.

As soon as I heard the band, it reminded me of the optimistic music of the 2000’s, the rock pop indie group who soundtrack the highlight reel of a movie: very much the final scene fading to credits. It’s definitely warmer weather music and it’s perfect timing seeing that summer is approaching. If that’s something you’re into then you’re probably into Planet’s most recent release. And maybe you’ll get a chance to see them tour next time round. There’s still a few dates left across the UK before they head back to Australia so maybe you’ll see them sooner than later.

Their album Information Overload is available now.

photographed live at The Garage by Vee Pandey

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