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she is no longer | poetry

She’s no longer the girl you once knew. 

Her home is not her home anymore. 

She’s changed. 

She’s different. 

She no longer has the same attitude, smile or charisma. 

She’s more mature.  

In a sense, she’s happier. 

She feels more in control. 

However, she has a lot to deal with. 

Insecurities consume her all at once. 

She’s overwhelmed. 

She’s unsure. 

She can no longer provide you with the same comfort you once felt when with her. 

She’s cautious. 

She confused. 

She’s lost. 

She tells you that she’s busy and has things to do. 

But in reality, 

She just doesn’t want to come home. 

She’s found a new identity. 

A new circle of friends. 

Essentially, a new life. 

She hasn’t forgotten you. 

She’s forever grateful for the charm you once gave her. 

But understand that she can’t help how she feels. 

As she is no longer the girl you once knew. 

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