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review: 'love cycle' by taliwhoah | music

"The inspiration behind the song was me really trying to articulate the way Love makes me feel and how the Love I was specifically experiencing at the time was making me feel. I was proud to be in love and I was proud of who I was loving and wanted to be able to express it to the world but for so many other reasons I didn't feel comfortable or safe enough to," says Taliwhoah.

In a car on the open road is where we all want to be when escaping from something: a feeling, a situation, a responsibility. A hand on the wheel and another in the wind, the music on the radio lets the hair dance in waves and you suddenly feel lighter. Taliwhoah’s “Love Cycle” is that lost journey, that pointless drive far away from fear, as the more you run, the faster you’ll feel tired, and the fear will catch you right when you are less powerful. 

The R&B singer sparked a little something in us. While all the lovebirds out there are preparing to celebrate their love on February 14th, she’s bringing us a powerful wave of honesty. Her heart-warming vocals are tenderly singing the struggles of love on a clean executed succession of beats.

The “celebratory ode of bi-love,” as the artist describes it, is accompanied by simple yet meaningful imagery. Handheld shots, old film vibes, American dream attitude, the music video of “Love Cycle” uses clean visual transitions to show a more raw and powerful reality to the struggles of love. 

Featuring herself and her partner, R&B artist Taliwhoah has chosen to portray love in the most intimate and common of environments: at home. In the intimacy of four wall,  the two love each other, adore each other, play with each other, but as the logistics of their forbidden love come along, they also fight with each other. The video is a message of understanding of pain, posing questions like “when is the right time to tell my family I am in a lesbian relationship?” 

Aimed at showing a story so many have experienced, the artist is portraying the difficulties this relationship is facing: one dealing with coming out, and the other dealing with the frustration between trying to understand her lover’s timescale and dealing with her own. 

If you are unsure wether or not you should allow Taliwhoah’s words to make you feel something, anything, imagine what it would be like to have a song inspired by the genre’s favourites women musicians such as Solange, SZA and Sade. 

The singer described how “Love Cycle is a story so many have experienced! The triumph of a “forbidden” love going against all odds to make it happen! I wanted to tell a story that I could relate too myself and so many of my close friends have experienced also.” 

So here’s a gentle reminder: “when you love someone, you don’t treat them wrong / you don’t break their heart, you just play a part in this love cycle.”

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