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rage on but safely | a guide to protesting during a pandemic

If you are planning on going out and protesting, first of all, thank you. Thank you for doing what needs to be done. However, please be safe. Take care of yourself and the people around you. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Please be mindful of your immediate company. If you are sick or are suffering with symptoms, stay at home! Do not risk getting vulnerable groups sick. You can make a difference and participate virtually.

  2. Wear a mask. While we are still living through a pandemic, wearing a mask and eye protection also helps in disguising your identity.

  3. Wear unidentifiable and comfortable clothing. Mass protests are unpredictable, it's best to be prepared in case a situation goes south.

  4. Maintain a distance when you can and avoid contact as much as possible. Remember, don't touch your face. Use hand sanitiser whenever possible.

  5. Stay hydrated! It's warm out there and hydration is key, folks.

  6. We encourage you to document. It is especially important to document brutality by the police but equally important to capture moments of positivity and love. We need it. (IMPORTANT: Please remember to blur out the faces of protestors and protect their identities!)

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