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quarantine diaries | volume VII

There’s a lot of sweet sentiments to come from social isolation. Still, I’m not about to romanticise being stuck indoors in the middle of a pandemic. I’m sure you can understand. ⁣

Life as we know it has done a complete 180. Productivity and procrastination have never been so at odds with one another. Can I take the day off? Or is every day a day off? I still don’t have the answer. ⁣

However, the past few weeks have helped me realise the difference between being lonely and being alone. You see, lately, they’ve combined, joining me in my quarantine. Uninvited guests who follow me around my flat (they are very needy at this time as you can imagine) and keep me company when I cannot have any of my own. There are 168 hours in a week but thanks to current events that just seems to be 167 too many. ⁣

So here it is: the big reset. How do I fill the hours? ⁣

I call my parents and try not to complain. I then call my friends who let me. I sit and listen to music and play the role of an angsty teenager who doesn’t want to leave her room. This doesn’t last long. I would like to go outside (government-mandated walk not included). ⁣

I’m pretty happy about the weather and pretty stoked that all my favourite artists are still releasing music, giving me a soundtrack to my social isolation. It’s a better background noise than what’s in my head. ⁣

It is a very strange time for everyone, so asking me if I’m learning a new language is simply asking for too much. ⁣

Just… take a day off. ⁣

It feels very futile to mourn a life that we’re soon to be returning to. Life is only paused. Lonely will find a new home to dwell in soon enough, but for now, she rooms with me, the guest of honour.⁣

visuals by Ana Blumenkron

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