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quarantine diaries | volume IX

Day 40 of my self-isolation. There is a very important distinction between being alone and being lonely. Being in self-isolation is second nature to me, but not in a depressing way, how genuinely content I am just being with myself is one thing I have always liked about myself. It’s almost as if, leaning slightly more on the introverted end of the spectrum, I have been training my whole life for this moment.

As I get older and increasingly busy and responsible, I feel as though I have quietly been craving the intimate free-time I had with myself before I accumulated so many responsibilities, and so little time. I think this could be attributed to the way in which our very self-worth is so inherently tied to a tangible, and often capitalist, constant productivity. I have missed the opportunity to just get lost in creativity and consumed by a thought or concept.

Aside from the overbearing list of negatives to the miserable situation we have found ourselves in at the height of a worryingly politicised global pandemic, just for a second, I am making sure to utilise the feeling that life is almost at a stand-still, to relish in a kind of heightened creativity or introspection that I would never usually have, or make, time for.

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