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knitss ss21 | interview

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Taking inspiration from powerful women, the contemporary knitwear brand, KNITSS, brings back the traditional feminine silhouettes of comfort, confidence, and style will certainly boost any mood in the new year.

Throwing 2020 behind us, yet embracing some concepts of simplicity, melancholy, and positively moving forward, the “Beautiful Flora” collection grasps the perfect balance of nature’s colour palette with bohemian style that perfectly reflects the brand’s core values of sustainability and modern sophistication.

Speaking with the Founder and Creative Director, Duygu Boz takes advantage of the world lockdown to absorb and explore her creative reflection. Embodying her Turkish heritage and producing every collection in-house, Duygu emphasises her production process, inspirations, and hopes “for a better world”.

How do you feel about LFW being digital? Do you think or want it you continue past the pandemic?

I feel enthusiastic about what we have seen so far! It’s interesting to see how each designer has adapted in a different and original way. This new format for fashion week provides opportunities for designers to think differently and possibly even more creatively. It can be a real opportunity to reset the industry for the long term and set it up for a more responsible future.

Do you miss the physical shows?

Not so much. We can now take the advantage of the global inclusive reach of digital - whether it be through stills, film, or livestream. As creatives we are always looking for a new way to express ourselves. This is just another avenue for us to do.

How has the pandemic affected you personally and creatively?

I think it’s good for us to recognise that a lot of things can be done in different ways - it’s another way to unlock our imagination about what we do and how we do it. When you think about “creating”, it always comes out of isolation because you need to create a space that is uniquely your own to make something beautiful. I changed my life in a way that can make that different point of view possible. I can say this period made me more mindful and creative in a good way.

What was it like creating on entire new collection during lockdown?

During the beginning of lockdown, I thought ‘how could it be?!’, but after a while it became natural. I just focused around “what the world needs”. For my own life, I see this period as a chance because I had enough time to take a step back and look around and think about. So, I focused and started the new collections with a fresh mind and nice ideas.

You have a background in Film and TV. What made you want to switch to fashion design?

I studied Film and Television, thankfully, because it helped me to see the world from a different perspective. After a couple years of working in the sector, I jumped to the fashion management and design because of my family business in textiles, but I always took the advantage of studying Film and TV. I like to tell the stories by KNITSS collections in the seasons like shooting a film. That’s a great excitement and motivation for me. That’s the way of my telling story.

Do you see yourself taking influence from film/cinema or tv?

Absolutely! What we see in the film is life itself. You can find the inspiration by a character, period, attitude, costume, decor or whatever. So, I’m always taking influence from these sources.

One of your care values is “corporate responsibility”. What does sustainability mean to you and how important is it to the future of fashion?

Sustainable fashion is gradually growing into a “hot topic”, and the most important aspect is to inform the consumers. İt is really important for consumers to think about how their purchase affects the environment; the lifecycle of their garment, and how to invest in clothes that last longer. After all, as a brand, KNITSS promises to take care of our beautiful world with ethical codes because there is no planet B to live!

Your current collection centres around heritage as well as new and old. What inspired the concept for the ‘Powerful Aluure’ collection?

With the rise of digital world, KNITSS focused this season at combining the new and heritage styles in a strong way. It’s all about the focus on making better and providing longevity. Inspired by the power of now and affected by the past, with womenswear moving back toward traditional feminine silhouettes offering comfort and a strong style with the effect of digital era.

And your new collection for SS21 focuses on bringing positivity and finding the inner light. What inspired ‘Beautiful Flora’ SS21 collection?

Beautiful Flora Collection invites you to a sensual inner journey. As if they are caught by a sensitive camera all the nature’s colours and emotions are flawlessly worked into a collection being inspired by the nature. The energy of colours gives you the indescribable pleasure of exposing your inner light.

In this season with the effect of pandemic period we focused on giving priority to the conversation of natural resources, sustainable living and working for a better tomorrow by using sustainable materials.

KNITSS SS21 Beautiful Flora Collection is a new beginning of new era with full of new inspirations. KNITSS committed to the principles of sustainability not only for todays world but also for tomorrow by leaving good footprints.

How do you source your materials?

We only use 100% Italian yarns in the collections. With upcoming pieces, KNITSS is shaping the fashion of tomorrow with unique designs and sustainable collections. Always giving priority to the conservation of natural resources, collective living and developing for a “better tomorrow”. This upcoming collection emphasises exactly that - a brand that is sensitive to recycling and protection of the environment. Our motto is “KNITSS for a better world”.

What inspires you as a creative?

I’m always taking inspirations from life itself. Art, hobbies, people, city… Whatever I can find to be inspired by. My most creative moments happened while I was travelling, as if another chakra opens my mind. Most of the time, I visit art galleries and organisations that enter my radar to get inspired with design and collections.

How have certain moments in your life shape the way create?

I grow up in a family which runs a manufactory for international fashion and textile brands. While I was watching the process. I remember that I said one day I will make my own brand and have my own voice. I think childhood period is valuable for the future decisions.

Do you think the pandemic will change the way we produce and consume fashion?

There is no doubt that the pandemic will change the way we produce and consume. I believe that the future of fashion depends on its ability to adapt sustainability and embed this concept in its core. Sustainable fashion has the potential to empower consumers with the feeling of fulfilment, by making more conscious choices and their consumption of sustainable fashion products. Therefore, brands and producers should focus to make it better around the ethical codes for our future.

What are the main issues with fashion today? Who is responsible to fix them?

Certainly, the main issue is sustainability in fashion today, because we all started to be concerned about our future. In this view, all the players in this landscape - including suppliers, manufacturers, regulators, and consumers, work together in synergy and interdependently towards a higher level of welfare.

Can the future of fashion ever be truly sustainable?

Achieving sustainability by its definition is not possible as the dynamic characteristic of nature defies the concept. A sustainable institution embraces human nature at a very high level, because it has the ability to satisfy both our egoistic and altruistic needs. But in my eyes, I believe that sustainable fashion has a big potential and motivation for all the players in this landscape. Nevertheless, consumers are more aware of the environmental and social issues associates with the production and consumption of fashion than ever before.

What is the most effective way to promote fashion sustainability?

I believe that small steps make a big difference. People should pay close attention to how brands use the term “transparency”. Do they really prove it? Are they committed to ethical sustainable practices? One of the biggest culprits in the fashion industry is “fast fashion” or clothes made cheaply to meet demands for the hot new styles. However, fast fashion is putting our future planet at risk. Therefore, every human being needs to take responsibility for our daily choices; commit to buying less, invest in pieces that last longer - these are the small steps but can make big differences for our future. On the other hand, the fashion industry response will shape the future supply chain. Actions to ensure long-term sustainability will strengthen the resilience of business along the supply chain. At the end of the day, it could be a fair mutual relationship between consumer and the players in the industry for our mother nature to thrive.

Their AW20 collection is available to purchase here:

The ‘Beautiful Flora’ SS21 collection will be available soon. Keep an eye out!

Interview with Duygu Boz. Founder and Creative Director of KNITSS.

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