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it's all about women: meet the founders of Trash Like You Records | music

It’s all about women, not just this month but every month for the two founding mothers of Trash Like You Records, Tallulah Syron and Ava Roeg. Resisting to conform to the old age industry norms and standards about how where women should lie in positions of power – Tallulah and Ava decided to take matters in their own hands when it came to running a record label. Developing their own narrative and manifesto for change, the two ladies have not only been a foundation to live music events in London but are now a recognised music and creative hub supporting womxn and gender non-conforming artists.

Given the vision behind Trash Like You, I was quite curious to learn the origins behind the name. When I asked Tallulah and Ava, they responded by saying “the name is from the 1997 film ‘Gummo’ directed by Harmony Korine. It’s one of my favourite films of all time. I wanted to reclaim the line ‘Nothing new for trash like you’ which a pervy old man shouts at Dot and two other girls after assaulting them. I came up with the name just before me and Ava started working together, so she was stuck with it. I get really obsessed with films I like, and I’m really obsessed with Harmony Korine.” And then Ava chimed in, “My all-time fav Chloe Sevigny is in it and it’s so good. Go watch it if you’ve never seen it!”

Trash Like You was born in a sweaty basement in Dalston and has been home to some of London’s best up and coming musical artists of all genres – hosting some of the most iconic parties at London’s most renowned venues including Old Blue Last and The Curtain. A few weeks ago, I found myself at one of their events not too far from the streets of Dalston at Bar Doña. An International Women’s Day special featuring performances by Jacklyn, Kehli, Ashaine White, and Eden Hunter.

Fun fact: Bar Doña is also an all-female team calling the shots, perfectly appropriate to the occasion of championing women. The word ‘Doña’ is the feminine form of the notable title ‘Don.’ Trash Like You couldn’t have picked a better spot for an event like this. The space is entirely soaked in various hues of red and pink. It’s the perfect amount of dark and underground – fitting to the previous events hosted by the duo. The space is dressed like an old 1920s bar with frills, feathers, and flowers making the setting just the right amount of intimate for the performances.

Ashaine White kicked off the event, performing recent releases from her upcoming EP ‘Fairytales’ which I cannot describe how fitting it was to the space and the crowd. Her soulful renditions of jazz, mixed with melodies puts you in a spellbinding soundscape reminding you of Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald and all the iconic ladies in the same realm. Emotionally charged, White was absolutely mesmerizing so much so that Kimberley (fellow writer at Unsettled) couldn’t stop herself from going “Ooooooh” every few seconds matching my sentiments exactly. We shed a few tears for sure. My personal favourites include Cookie Cutter and Prince Charming.

Up next was 19-year-old (actually ridiculous) Dublin based vocalist, Kehli. Entirely different to the previous set, Kehli’s performance was infused with ear-catching bops, enough to make you want to tap your feet and do a little shoulder shrug in your seat. The young Irish talent looked genuinely fierce and confident performing her hits ‘One Last Kiss’ and ‘Hypnotized.’ Kehli also gave us a little sneaky peek into her bag of unreleased music which is just as impressive giving me no doubt that she has a bright bright future ahead of her. My favourites happen to be her some of her unreleased music, so stay tuned because we are to expect an exciting EP from her.

Slowing down the tempo once again, Jacklyn took the stage to perform her new single ‘Before I Go’ and an abundance of exciting unreleased music. Jacklyn was no stranger to the stage or a crowd, when I asked her if she was nervous to perform, she said to me “I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember! I think the scary bit comes after the performance – when people actually have an opinion about the music.” With an exceptional vocal range, Jacklyn need not worry what people think. Giving a fresh approach to the likes of Etta James and Erykah Badu – her soulful presence worked for an honest and raw performance. Jacklyn’s new single ‘Before I Go’ is available to stream on Spotify, keep your eyes peeled for more.

The night ended with upcoming pop princess in the making Eden Hunter. With her new single ‘All My Love’ recently released, the synth-pop babe provides something entirely different and new compared to her previous singles. 'All My Love' is the singer’s celebration of self-acceptance and coming to terms with her own queerness. Hunter’s message is passionate and moving. Hunter had a captivating presence on stage with her bright red hair and incredible sense of style, she lives up to the title of being a pop princess in every sense. Don’t forget to check out Eden’s independently produced music video. It’s everything you want to see - your favourite drag celebrities dressed in an ‘80s themed call centre dancing away to glory. You can find her new single here.

Tallulah and Ava’s efforts have not only built a beautiful community creating safe spaces for women and gender non-conforming artists – they have built a solid foundation for what music and the industry could look like when artists wield their own power and don’t diminish under the commercialising strings of the musical industry.

Don’t forget to follow Trash Like You on Instagram to get more information on upcoming events.

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