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intimacy as an act of self-care | community

'Intimacy’ often associated with romance, love, and relationships. Not to me. Well, not anymore anyway. Get intimate with yourself first. I don’t mean start loving the blemishes on your body; I mean take care of yourself - intimacy as an act of self-care.

And while it is super easy to turn to the Internet to tell us how to take care of ourselves and find ways to ‘lose weight,’ ‘get rid of stretch marks,’ and ‘cover acne.’ Don’t do it. Just don’t. Self-care doesn’t mean to use this time to fix yourself, self-care means to take a goddamn break. Self-care means to sleep in even if it is a Monday morning. Self-care means take an extra 10 minutes in the shower. Just stand there. Self-care means spend that extra 15 minutes to come up with a sick outfit. Even if you have nowhere to be, do it for yourself. Self-care means feel good. It is the most underrated feeling in the world, feeling good. Not about your mates or the world, feeling good about yourself. 

It’s okay to fuck up the routine. Self-care is hard. Sometimes you’re not able to slot in that skin care routine. There’s going to be some nights you’re probably going to bed wishing you had more of a productive day. Self-care looks different for everyone. Sometimes self-care is pouring yourself a drink knowing you have 3 more days of work to get through. Cheers, you deserve it. Sometimes it means eating pasta three days in a row because it is the easiest thing to cook. It’s okay, you don’t have to master baking overnight. Sometimes self-care is doing fuck all. Sit on that couch, don’t move for a day. A whole day. The world will do just fine with you taking a day off. Self-care means letting your mates love you unconditionally. Self-care means vanquish that self-doubt. Step on it, squash it to bits. Keep walking. What you’re looking for, this ‘intimacy,’ comes from within. Don’t ever forget that. 

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