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In tune with: REGALJASON

Updated: Apr 10

What’s your name and who are you?

My name is REGALJASON and I’m a singer, songwriter, and artist based in London. On my name, I believe we are all born with royal blood but if we do not fight for our thrones they will be taken from us. I have chosen to wage war.

We’ve asked you to create a playlist of tracks that have inspired your musical journey so far, can you tell us a bit about it?

I’ve always been inspired by artist who write their own stories and take us into their world, those who aren’t afraid to let their individuality shine. As a young child growing up in Latin America, my experiences were very different to those of the celebrities I saw on mainstream television or heard on the radio. This playlist is a compilation of artists who managed to garner world wide attention while expressing their personal stories to the beat of their own drums. These artists are celebrated not by how well they can reference or mimic the sounds or stories of others in the industry, but by how unique and personal their approach to their art is.

If the playlist you created had to be the soundtrack to a film, what film would that be?

If this playlist were the soundtrack to a film it would be a moody coming of age art house film. Think Julia Ducournau, Gaspar Noe, and Bong Joon-ho. It would be filled with pain, purpose, and lot’s of dancing. The color grading would be generally cold and bleak with a few moments of explosive neon hues from raging fires and nights out on the town. It would be show the highs and lows of youth, self discovery, and self actualization.

What do you imagine most people are doing whilst they listen to your music?

I imagine most people listening to my music on their own, whether it be in their rooms at night, on a long flight, on a train, etc. I think that there is something deeply personal about my music that takes listeners to destinations in their subconscious. I don’t think my music is the type to get played on a family roadtrip, at the beach, or at a party. I think it’s the type of music you would listen to when you got home afterwards and were left alone with your thoughts.

How would you describe your music in three words?


What does the rest of 2023 hold for you?

This year is the year of growing roots for me. I’ve lived in four countries and five cities in my twenty four years of life and haven’t managed to stay put for more that two years since I was seventeen. This has been a hindrance to my artistic journey in some ways. I want to stay put and build true community. I want to know my listeners and know their stories. I want to experience a deeper level of connection. I want to create something that will last.

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