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good girls | review

They are mothers. They are caring. They are kind. They are understandable. But most of all, they are girls. Good Girls. Which makes them powerful, independent, fearless, and let’s say, a bit… criminals. 

During the past years, recent cinematography, such as Ocean’s 8, Money Heist, Orange Is The New Black or Girlboss have shown us how easily we can emphasis with female robbers and murders, and quite root for them. Do we like them? Yes. Do we feel the adrenaline of their actions? Absolutely, yes. Do we want them to get caught? Oh hell, no! More and more, women have become their own leaders in tv and film, and nothing changes in Good Girls… well except for a couple of hot latino gangsters and families to take care of added to the mix.  

The tv show, produced by NBC, features the entangled stories of three desperate moms who too fed up to play by the rules, for different reasons, mainly involving their male partners, decide to rob a groceries store to provide for their families, leading to a lot of other serious events (as one may expect after committing robbery - it’s not like someone will never notice).  

Built on betrayal, desperation, fear, emotional pain, even rape, the series is as humorous as it gets. From punchy jokes, to clumsy mistakes, Mae Whitman (playing Annie, a young single mom, whose ex wants to sue her for custody), Christina Hendricks (playing Beth, Annie’s older sister, mother of three, stuck with an absent husband and mortgage) and Retta (playing Ruby, their best friend, whose daughter is terminally ill) are the best at switching between terror and cheer in just seconds. The ability of showing awareness for bigger problems in such light way is what makes Good Girls so good. Powerful female characters have shown the film industry that it works putting them in charge, and damn, if it works well. Feeling empowered, like you can do it all just by sitting on the couch with some leftover pizza in your hand, that’s this series aftertaste. Of course, it would taste better with a freshly cooked pizza, but let’s face it, you need to be a mess to need to get your life together.  

Season 1 is now on Netflix, and Season 2 is currently filming. 

You can watch the trailer here.

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