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Musician and singer/songwriter, Tom Misch released his debut album ‘Geography’. The 13 track album includes previously released songs which were listened between 4 and 9 millions times. These songs are ‘South of the river’, ‘Movie’ and ‘Water Baby’ featuring Loyle Carner. In his album, Misch brings to a new style of his classical jazzy/soul vibes. We also discover another style of Tom Misch’s music, a funky disco one.

South London-based artist, Tom Misch bring us back to the 70s with disco vibes alongside Poppy Ajudha, also from South London.  This new album also receives another beautifully poetic title with poet and hiphop rapper, Loyle Carner. Overall, Tom Misch shares with his audience some of his inspiration such as an instrumental interpretation of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Isn’t she lovely?’. In contrast with the funky tunes, the 22 years-old artist featured a softer and classical sound, ‘Man Like You’.

The cover, from Patrick Watson’s song, was previously performed during his concerts and on the Berlin, youtube show, COLORS.

Misch told NME, in an interview, that his debut album, ‘Geography’, echoes the emotional trauma of breaking up with someone. The album explores theme of romance with tunes such as ‘You’re On My Mind’. Sang along his sister Poppy, Tom Misch also expresses this feeling of longing, in his song ‘Movie’ . Accompanied of a black film of his grandparents from the 1940s playing in the background, the singer takes on the role of a bar tender in its music video. The album concludes itself on a groovy and nostalgic note with ‘We’ve Come So Far’ leaving the listeners feeling whole as Tom Misch plays his last cord on his guitar.

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