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freya ridings at roundhouse | music

Standing on the platform, watching you go is a lyric of heartbreak, emphasising the feeling of knowing you won’t see that person for a long time, or never again. But what might seem as a scene taken from a romantic movie, it can relate to so much more: like a mother watching her child move away, or a friend leaving behind another for a long trip or a new beginning. 

As Freya Ridings was playing Lost Without You on stage, I couldn’t help but think of the moment when I was 6, tears on my cheeks, at the back of a bus, looking out the window for my mother slowly fading away – a ride that would separate our lives for years. Surrounded by thousands of people, and next to my friend, I was rocked to feel remote emotions as Freya sang at the Roundhouse on March 11th. 

Total sequin outfits and a piano seem to be the artist’s essentials on the tour, letting her voice do the rest. And boy, if that works! With a setting of a few mirrors hang on strings from the ceiling, the concert was magical, leaving space for just the singer-songwriter’s voice to rise and embrace us. 




These are three words to describe Freya Riding's voice that night. 

Singing of heartbreak, lost chances, and unforgettable memories, her voice was breaking for you to feel them all the once, all accompanied by her band and her fingers running across the piano's keys. Also, with a brief description of every song before stating, the singer lured us in her world, her fears, her inspiration and most of it all, her love and passion for what she does. 

Freya Ridings is currently touring around the UK, USA and Canada. Get your tickets here. Next stop: Los Angeles, CA – May 8th, 2019.

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