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fly on the street

He doesn’t work for them he works for us

He took the guy on

What can you do there is nothing you can do

He’s American

He really sucks

They ended up taking the photos on the bus

Anyhow what’s going on with you

Yeh yeh you mentioned that right

Yes I think something else comes out of all this

Your great job

Even if Rachel is materialised or whatever

You still have your position

I’ll tell you

You’ll really start to feel good about who you are if you stand up for your self

Very self serving very self serving

Let me know how it goes

Send me a text

I’m off tomorrow so tell me how it goes

You’ll figure it out

Just know ur doing the right thing

Don’t snap ur better then that

You’re doing it how I would do it

Of course you will

My advice is do not over explain

You’ve made ur decision and you have

Okay okay alright have a good day I love u sweetie.

This series features random people's conversations in bus stops around London. The above was an American woman at Heygate Street bus stop.

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