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feb 14th, just another day | feature

Drinks? £56. Dinner? £95. Sexy overpriced lingerie? £38. A date? Nil. Valentine’s Day- an expensive, corporate-fueled day. Each year, I question why us westerners celebrate it and what actually is it all about. One thing I do know is that this is ok. It is ok to not know or care about the significance of this day, and it is especially ok to not have someone ‘special’ on this day.

However, if you are struggling to come to terms with the fact you won’t have someone showering you with petrol station flowers and/or a giant cookie with “Happy V Day Babe” poorly scrawled onto it, no need to fear. I am here to tell you how to not give a fuck on Valentine’s Day.

1. Wake up

Remember how you woke up on February 13th? Yeah, do exactly that. Open your blind, look up at the sky and shout “what a beautiful day to be single and unbothered!”

Make your usual cup of coffee, maybe even let that bad boy brew a little longer this morning, treat yourself.

Inevitably you will check Instagram and watch all the V-day stories- just bear in mind, Chelsea’s picture of a dozen red roses are in fact from her ‘boyfriend’ who has cheated on her at least three times! Then put that phone down and get ready, maybe wear winged eyeliner today because why the fuck not! Go crazy!

2. Go to Uni

Hate to be the one to say it, but single people need to educate themselves on V-day too. Go get that degree so you can get that dream job and one day be totally financially secure.

3. Have lunch

Falafel? BLT baguette? Caviar? Greggs vegan sausage roll? Yeah whatever you want, you go and get. Amazing, right? The world is truly your oyster at this point.

Sit in a cafe and enjoy every bite. Enjoy the space and time you have to sit down with yourself and indulge in some people watching. Watch the Mum and son crossing the road, holding hands. Watch the two best friends bicker over whether she should text him or not. Watch the business man take a break and sip on that cup of coffee - allowing him to escape from the chaos for a couple minutes. There are small gestures of love all around you, you just need to look up.

4. Ring your Mum/Dad/Nan/Grandad/Important figure in your life

Ring that person you know loves you unconditionally and thinks everything you do is wonderful. Tell them you love them.

5. Walk Home

If you can, make an effort to not get on the central line - take the long route home. Put your favourite song on and get your own heart pounding. Walk with a skip in your step and give out some smiles to people you walk past. I can assure you, someone will really appreciate it today.

6. Have a wank

Simple as.

7. Bestietines

Get together with your favourite people - the ones that make you laugh like no other. Invite them round and suggest you make your own sushi, but then realise that is actually all really complex and will probably trigger a meltdown from someone, so you order pizza and drink wine.

Go out and dance together. Avoid all predatory behaviour from strangers and be present with your best friends. Stop checking your phone for a text from someone that will probably disappoint you.

In all seriousness, let's cut the sourness for a second. Today is a bittersweet one. It is a beautiful thing to express your gratuity and love for that one special person in your life. So, if you do have someone, show them how much you care. Behind all the gifts and chocolates should be respect, adoration and love. Remember that today can be particularly isolating and lonely for some. So, reach out and phone that one person you think might be struggling and maybe meet up with them. If your crush is a keeper, they will understand.

Today is not important in the grand scheme of life but for all of you that need to hear it, Happy Valentine’s Day from me to you, you are really lovely.

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