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fallacy, fantasy and fabricated beauty: xiuli gao | photography

Fallacy, Fantasy: The Myth of Fabricated Beauty

This project is conducted as a catharsis of [Xiuli Gao's] inner struggle with the perfection of bodily image, which has troubled [her] for years. Disembodied parts of [her] body are represented, juxtaposed with fragmented pieces of objects — petals of withered flowers, drying and rotten fruits and peel, fallen leaves, etc. The symbolism of decay penetrated the idyllic and poetic images, which are being celebrated and glorified, indicating the transient state of being youthful and the inevitability of decease in the end. The narrative further develops with the integration of the fragmented body, which bears resemblance to the symbolic objects displayed here. In a world where the hierarchy of beauty still persists, it is meant to rebut and deconstruct the orthodox definitions of beauty, while encouraging diversified representation.

Xiuli Gao (Kristina) is a photographer based in Shanghai and London. Her practices mainly focus on female representation by investigating into their self-identity, mentality and body image. With a mixture of portraits, still life, texts, videos, and installation, Xiuli is aimed to rebut the problematic representation that exists and create a narrative of her own, which is more tender, personal and delicately constructed. Her unique aesthetics can be manifested in the use of light and shadow in her self-portraits and still life images. Xiuli hopes to inspire and empower her audience in her works and practices.

Thank you, Xiuli. Click here to check out more of her work.

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