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doing nothing | photography

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

The last year has been tough. Despite my attempts to stay robotically proactive, I often find myself sinking into a perpetual Insta-scroll. To try and combat this, I’ve been making an effort to be more present and to take a little time to appreciate what’s around me.

Between lockdowns, I was going to see my mates who live down the road nearly every other day. We never did loads - usually a heady combination of watching football, playing football and Bob Mortimer’s Gone Fishing - but we always had fun. I decided that it was only right to try and capture this fraternal energy and so, one day, I brought my camera as well as the customary four pack of Red Stripe. I love these images because I feel like they show a sort of comfort you only get when you're around your mates. There was no shot list or stylist, just a group of bored lads looking for something to do that wasn’t watching football. On the days when lockdown is at its most claustrophobic, I look at these photos and smile. Fingers crossed we’ll be having fun doing nothing some day again soon.

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