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comfort in london | photography

"Comfort in London acknowledges the cultural diversity the city of London has to offer as well as celebrating the cultural identities of many Londonders. My subject is a proud Nigerian woman who has embraced London as her home but hasn't stripped herself off her African identity. The African print and the Boris bike coming together is synonymous to many immigrants moving to London and merging with the City to create a new way of life. As an Artist my identity is tied to bold colours and I have chosen red, blue and white which are the beautiful colours associated with one of my favourite cities in the world, London."

Watch Vanessa's episode from the Next Big Thing:

Vanessa Endeley is a self-taught visual artist, fine art and documentary photographer from Lagos Nigeria. Fine Art photography is her chosen medium, bringing her portraits to life using a lot of colour. Her individualised portraits obscure the tales that lie beneath the blindfold, questioning the role our eyes play in offering a glimpse into the depth beneath the preliminary facade.

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