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Charles - Lately

Self assured and in control, Charles is back with his latest offering ‘Lately’. With his timeless and soulful sound, Charles continues to remain true to himself as he highlights the problem with questioning another persons identity: “You expect the sun to describe it’s shadow when the sun has never seen its shadow before” he sings, as he dives into the important topic of why some questions just don’t deserve answers.

“I wrote ‘Lately’ for the sole purpose of asking the question ‘what have you done for them lately?’. Last year, I felt like there was a lot of judgment and speculation on people for just trying to be who they are; their race, religion, sexuality etc. Questions regarding things like that should actually never come into question. The song is like a polite, or not so polite, way of asking people to think about what they say before they say it.”

After working together previously on a number of projects, creative Charlie Denis brought the 70s California-esque artwork for the track to life. Charles explains that with the concept of the song delving into people’s issues with other people and who they are, the idea of using photos of himself for the artwork just didn’t feel right. “Charlie and I wanted the artwork to fit my look and aesthetic without using my face all over it.”

Booked to play on the main stage of new Bedford festival ‘Original Culture’ this August, Charles describes the moment he received the flyer as a real ‘moment’. “It’s the first time I’ve seen my name on a festival line-up, it was kinda like 'Fuck! I’m really doing this now.'” This isn’t the only gig Charles has this year however; following on from his sold out show last year at Notting Hill’s most lavish venue, Laylow, the club have offered him a monthly residency beginning on the 3rd of July. As with all of Charles’ projects so far, the singer is keen to bring friends on board with special performances, sets, dancing and more. Bringing elegance, glamour and the highest levels of showmanship, Charles is a true performer, with a knack of making the audience feel both completely at ease and utterly engaged, no doubt this will be a show you won’t want to miss.

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