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between the headlines: vanessa endeley | photography

Between the Headlines celebrates a beautiful merge of art within photojournalism, exhibiting the works of eight selected emerging artists from eight different countries.

The current, constant news cycle can be overwhelming, which is why the exhibition presents a different way of communication via a curated collection of photography, video and sound - creating a space for the artists to display a different side of photojournalistic practices whilst exploring different relatable topics and issues from their backgrounds.

The aim of these works is to look at photojournalism as an art form and a tool to inform people on the current affairs by sharing an interactive visual experience, which challenges the public to get more involved with the artwork and the issues portrayed. Featured artist includes the very own Vanessa Endeley, showcasing her audio-visual work titled 'We Always Go Again: Releasing Trauma and Moving Forward.'

We Always Go Again: Releasing Trauma and Moving Forward is an audio-visual work with a focus on Endeley's personal relationship with trauma and a constant fear of abandonment initiated by a 27 year absence of her Father, using archival documents and family photographs.

Having previously used photography as a medium to document her mental illness, this work serves as the final piece to the puzzle. She intends to finally untie the knot connecting her to a person whose actions have tormented her being, whilst celebrating her mother and maternal family for always being present.

Endeley's work will be exhibited at the Between the Headlines art showcase this Friday at the Black Swan Studios in Bermondsey, London. Tickets are available here.

Vanessa Endeley is a visual artist, fine art and documentary photographer born and raised in the city of Lagos. Through fine art photography she is able to express herself by bringing her portraits to life using a lot of colour. Her individualised portraits obscure the tales that lie beneath the blindfold, questioning the role our eyes play in offering a glimpse into the depth of the preliminary facade. In the documentary aspect of her practice, she is passionate about mental health issues and using herself as a subject she continues to document as much as she can, hoping to connect with anyone affected by a mental health illness.

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