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being an average person: uni life | diary

Being a student is never easy. Once you finish secondary education, you are somehow relieved. You probably convinced yourself  that you've been through the most difficult phase of your education. So university should be easy. This is where you are wrong. At university, you have something call ‘freedom’ and sometimes you might take advantage of it, a little too much. You have your timetable and the classes you need to attend, but no one will force you to get up and go to class. Unfortunately, you will have to do that yourself. 

Going to university in another country can be a big change. Yes, sure, you made this choice, but did you really know what you were signing up for? Not really. The UK, from a European (French) point of view, is all about the queen, afternoon tea and the famous Sunday roast. However, you will find out sooner or later, that the university culture is more about being broke most of the time, going to the pub way too much and dealing with a very different dating culture. 

Once you managed to get yourself out of bed, for your 9am lecture, you now need to keep up with assignments and classes. When you're average, the challenge is that you only get what you're studying up to a certain point. When some people seem naturally sure of their purpose at university, you ask yourself what exactly you are doing here, and if you made the right choice. But fear not, it is all part of the experience. 

You would have probably heard that being a student means being drunk 90% of the time while surviving on pots of noddles. Well, the choice is yours to make. Let's not limit ourselves to this 'student cliché. Being a student also means having endless possibilities; join societies, meet people, educate yourself, go out, but more importantly, make the most it. Paying £9000 (or god knows how much when you are reading this article) we should take every tools at your disposal to build your future. 

During these three years (now being my last), I have learned more than my time at school in France. If you enjoy these three years maybe you will sign up for a master or a PhD? Who knows. But at the end of the day, we only go to university for that student discount, let’s be honest. 

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