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artist profile: zarifah a zamri | photography

Dammam: Weekends at Fuddruckers is a publication that details the recollection of memory, childhood, and family structure in light of Saudi Arabia’s changing sociopolitical atmosphere. It takes the form of a visual letter and memoir, framing a critical reflection on the social structure women are raised in.

The work looks at the relationship between public policy and how it has impacted longstanding beliefs, values, and ideologies in society over time. It draws on the concepts of gender roles, segregation, patriarchy, and family.

Detailing the artist’s fond memories of their childhood, the publication stages a comfort for the artist, while upholding a reflection in the deeper themes that have sculpted her cultural identity. The publication is made up of childhood imagery, home objects, diary entries, and produced stills.



Zarifah, is a visual artist and documentary photographer from Malaysia, born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Her work is sculpted around current affairs and contemporary life surrounding Eastern and Western realms. Currently residing in London, Zarifah’s work focuses on marginalisation, gender, and the sociopolitical climate of the Islamic world.

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