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ANGELOUMAE's new single is out now

Reminding her ex exactly what they’re missing out on is Filipina-British artist ANGELOUMAE releases her brand new, addictive single (I’ve had it on all morning) 'BAD LUCK.'

The rising London talents polished runs and breathy adlibs shine bright over moody, atmospheric production as she seamlessly combines R&B and Afrobeats, with a vocal performance dipped in London edge.

"There never was a you without me, so not sorry, bad luck, you fucked up.” A track she has stated was written to heal her own heartbreak. Angeloumae’s nonchalant yet assured delivery offers a glimpse of her significant talent, her take on self-love and all whilst empowering us with her unapologetic approach.

Speaking on the track, Angeloumae explains: This single is special, it connects the heartbroken. It’s for the people who have experienced giving your all to someone, reminiscing on the love you had, but not regretting leaving the person because you deserve more, and they fucked up.”

Inspired by muses including Sade, Jhéne Aiko, SZA and Aaliyah, the rising artist continues the growing attention around her as she brings sensuality, sexuality and empowerment to her music and aesthetic.

Angeloumae is defining herself as an excitingly fresh and resonant new voice in the London landscape. With the release of 'BAD LUCK' and a slew of further tracks promised, we can’t wait to see what she does from here on!

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