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Alex said,

“Thank you and honour are always left unsaid”.

The soft wind blew past us. It was the kind of soft wind we didn’t get much of anymore, not in June. We were sitting in the sunlight on a pedestal made of stone. The long straws swang in front of us. I looked at the golden sea. Alex looked too. 

“I’ve wanted to say thank you. All this year,” I said softly.

Alex said that thank you and honour are the two things that are always left unsaid. He said there was nothing to thank him for.

“You took everything so well. You handled everything so well. Thank you,” I said again because in my opinion he was wrong.

“I happy with how things worked out”.

Alex said he was too. That made me smirk a little. I liked seeing him happy. I guess he liked seeing me happy as well.

The straws continued with their dance. The quiet waves hit the shore rocks. And for a little moment all was okay.

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