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17 things I've learned

2017 has been a pretty hectic year, for everyone. Women are finally freeing themselves and are opening up about sexual harassment. Countries are claiming back their independence and some populations are losing theirs and are being exiled from their land. Donald Trump is showing the worst side of himself and we are still wondering why he is still in power. The Far right is progressing all over Europe and terrorist attacks are still happening. Every year has its new lesson to teach. It can come from your entourage, from what you experienced, to what the world has and will offer you.

Now is the time for reflexion.

Personally, this year taught me countless things, here are 17 things and lesson that I’ve learned from this past year:

1. As cliché as it can sound, everything does come in time. When you will be ready it will happen. Patience is an important virtue.

2. We should be more thankful to our family because we never thank them enough. At the end of the day, they’re always going to be there no matter what.

3. Studying abroad has been the best decision I have ever made. London is a truly inspiring city, the people, the buildings, the atmosphere, London has its own aura and it matched mine.

4. My first year of university wasn’t all about partying and getting drunk. Partying and going out is fun as long as you do it with pleasure. Going out is all about these last minute plan.

5. Beer taste actually okay! Can you imagine that for 21 years of my life I didn’t like beer? 2017 proved me wrong.

6. Accepting that you are not that close to certain people isn’t a defeat. And again someone is only in your life for a certain period of time, which is totally sufficient.

7. If you want something ask for it! Nothing comes easily, but if you never ask how can you know if you will get it?

8. Better having remorse than regret. I spent most of my life not daring to do things because I was scared. But 2017 taught me that sometimes it’s better to take action.

9. Travelling is always a good idea. As soon as I am on holiday, one thing always pops up to mind: travel, travel, travel.

10. Work hard for what you want, as I mention before I love travelling but for that you need money. Money = part-time job = annoying. I agree but at least you’re learning what real life is. And how to work towards your goals.

11. Self-analysis is important. Question yourself and how you act, you can always improve yourself.

12. Summer is definitely by far the best season ever. No questions asked.

13. We always say, “all you need is love time”. One year is a  very long time and things evolve.

14. Certain people are selfish and will do anything to satisfy their needs. Maybe you are too, watch out.

15. However, keep the ones who are there for you no matter what. 

16. Meeting new people is always unpredictable. You never know what could happen on a Monday night after a few drinks down the pub.

17. Focusing on yourself and what you love to do is a must. Never stop, 2018 is here for you.

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