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Josh Croll is a photographer and image maker from Glasgow, currently based in London.

He graduated with a first from the Glasgow School of Art in 2021, and has since been focusing on fashion related work as well as undertaking commissions and personal projects.


"'Just Human' started with a focus on Travellers and Traveller culture. However, as the project progressed, I began to meet people who do not call themselves such names but are also, in fact, not ‘house-dwellers'..."

"Ballad of the Olive Trees functions as a proposal and investigatory work into contemporary themes of post-conflict memory and the multi-faceted influences that the memory might succumb to. It follows the stories of former war prisoners and individuals who lost family members during the Cyprus 1974 invasion..."

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sipulova_lookbook_05_credit_@Nora a Jaku

"The day after Valentine’s Day this year I spoke to Ana Blumenkron about many areas of her work and her photography. We spoke early morning and delved into her craft. More notably we spoke about Playdate, a culmination of her own feminist research and how, ultimately, in her own words, 'thinking about men takes too much time...'"



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