"Stüssy and Our Legacy are undeniable purveyors of ‘cool’ in the current era of fashion, where streetwear and more typical mid-fashion brands live in symbiosis..."

"Since I was a kid, I would daydream a lot. I found it as a way to cope, to create, to be myself. There are hundreds of alternate realities in my head and so many alter-egos. These alter-egos have something that I don't - but still they represent me in small ways..."

"Meg McWilliam is a young provocative artist from Darlington. She creates art and prints in a punk collage style, inspired by the social realist Dada movement of the 1920s and 30s..."

"The day after Valentine’s Day this year I spoke to Ana Blumenkron about many areas of her work and her photography. We spoke early morning and delved into her craft. More notably we spoke about Playdate, a culmination of her own feminist research and how, ultimately, in her own words, 'thinking about men takes too much time...'"



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